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Dear BeneReps and Customers,

As announced last month in our What's New Section, due to the continuing rise in the cost of green coffee in 2011 we are increasing our prices. This is always a difficult decision for me personally, and even more difficult in these trying economic times when it is especially important to me to bring our coffee to you at the best value possible. As predicted, green coffee prices continued to rise during 2011, increasing 15-20 %. In order to keep our mission of GivingBack, this price increase is necessary; however our mission is also to bring our customers consistently delicious, premium quality, gourmet coffee at a much lower price. I believe we are still staying true to this mission even with the price increase. The larger coffee company’s prices have continued to rise throughout 2011 and so by comparison, you are still paying between two to four dollars less per pound for the same specialty Arabica gourmet coffee. We hope you will continue to support Beneficio Coffee and as always hope you are enjoying our delicious coffee.

Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year!

Thank you,


Betty "Jinxi" Allen
CEO ~ Beneficio Coffee CompanyTM

Thank you for purchasing Beneficio CoffeeTM. On the following pages, you can order our coffee and our new gift packages. Please contact the webmaster if you experience any difficulties with the order form.

To browse our coffee and gift packages without placing an order, please click here. To place an online order, please follow the instructions below.

Order information:

  1. Our coffee is available in Full City Roast, French Roast, or Decaf, and in whole beans or ground.

  2. You can save money on shipping by placing larger orders. Click here for our current shipping charges. Your order will be shipped via ground transportation. Please note that during periods of high demand such as holiday times, it may up to 10 days to fill your order.

  3. For your convenience, you can place an order on our web site that can be paid for by either credit card or check/money order. To order online, please continue by clicking one of the buttons below.

  4. If you would like items shipped to multiple locations, please submit them on separate orders.

  5. Please see our Policies page for details about our customer service, order fulfillment, and privacy policies.

If you need quicker delivery or if you prefer to order by telephone, fax, or mail, please contact us.

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